WE ARE a cooperative association of innovative service providers, researchers, policy makers and program developers who are committed to improving the lives of youth who are at-risk for neglect, abuse, abandonment or violence; their families; and the communities in which they live.

Provide easily accessible and authoritative information on the effectiveness of alternative interventions, and best practice for use with at risk youth and families

Educate policy makers regarding the value and effective use of evidence-based programs

Shift resources toward more effective evidence-based programs

Assist providers and program developers design, develop, test and implement more effective evidence-based programs and practices.

We honor and value families and the critical role they play in child development.

We honor and value community-based organizations, individuals and public officials who step forward to make a positive difference in children’s lives.

We honor and value those who work to improve scientific knowledge about the youth and families we serve and the effectiveness of interventions that are intended to improve their lives.

A home is the best place in which to raise a child

Helping families and schools deal with troubled or difficult youth is the most effective means of public intervention.

Services to families and children are best provided in their homes and the communities in which they live.

How a child is treated plays a major role in determining what kind of young adult he or she will become.

The negative effects of neglect, abuse, abandonment and other damaging forms of parenting are significant and can be long lasting.

Healing and growth can come from many different directions involving physical, mental, spiritual and
social dimensions.

Appropriate high-quality, evidence- based programs can significantly improve outcomes for at-risk youth and families.

A number of evidence-based programs have been found to be highly cost-effective, producing cost-saving on the order of $7 for every one dollar invested in running the program.

Every at-risk child and family deserves to have access to these services.

Evidence-based practice requires a high level of personal integrity, accountability and responsibility for outcomes on the part of organizations serving at-risk youth.

Collaboration with research and evaluation efforts, and the measurement of outcomes contribute toward improved practice, and creating true long-term value for those we serve

We can make a difference