If you believe that Evidence-Based Programs can reduce everyone’s taxes, cut the costs of rehabilitating at-risk kids, prevent violence, lessen the number of re-arrests, shorten teenagers’ police records, and give kids a chance at living a productive and happy life . . .

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Cayuga Home for Children
Children’s Village
Community Solutions, Inc.
Evidence Based Associates
Lighthouse Youth Service
Vision Quest Eastern Office

AMI Inc.
Functional Family Therapy/ FFT LLC
Justice Research Center
King’s College London
Maryland Department of Juvenile Services
MST Services
PA Dept of Children and Youth (Richard Gold)
The Peter and Elizabeth C Tower Foundation
Dr. Pamela Parkson (Family Institute of Training)
Jerry Lee Center at Cambridge
Kicki Loof
What’s in it FOR YOU?
By joining AAEBP’s crusade to advance evidence-based programs you will be…making a huge, positive difference in untold numbers of kids’ lives. You will help…deliver the currently missing 93% of money spent in America on non-evidence-based programs and…deliver those funds where they can produce new, more productive and happier lives for at-risk kids…cut the level of violence… reduce recidivism and accomplish all of that by…utilizing only about 1/8th the traditional cost to taxpayers.
In Addition . . .
AAEBP will help ease your efforts to initiate and maintain Evidence-based Programs (EBPs):

“Have you ever wanted experienced providers of EBPs to share with you their successes and failures—their “here’s what to do” and “here’s what not to do”? How about helping you to evaluate a currently operating program and determine how to make it more responsive to kids’ needs?

AAEBP is the largest organization of the most experienced EBP providers in the nation…and they are willing to share their experience, the nuts and bolts of how to build successful evidence-based programs with their fellow AAEBP members!

How many times would you have liked to be able to get help in interpreting an in-depth research study? How about getting advice on evaluating various evidence-based programs to determine which one would be best for your particular environment?

AAEBP members will soon include: leading academicians familiar with all the relevant research and its conclusions; EBP Practitioners with decades of experience in multiple locations in various states; members who fund and operate EBP systems locally, regionally, statewide and federally; and knowledgeable advocates for evidence-based programs from private, public and non-profit sectors.
Are you interested in the best assessment and evaluation tools?
As an AAEBP member, these tools are available to you and your organization… free! They will be avaialable on AAEBP’s web site:

Do you feel that you or members of your group need Training or Technical Assistance to improve how you conduct Evidence-based Programs?

AAEBP will be offering such assistance at significantly reduced rates…but only to its AAEBP members.

Have you wanted access to the most reliable and current information available concerning the field of
evidence-based programs?

AAEBP will be publishing a quarterly newsletter,The Evidence, beginning with the blueprints Conference. It will include :

The “President’s Report” by Cayuga Home’s President & CEO Ed Hayes.
The “Executive Director’s Report” by Peter Greenwood, PhD, author of Changing Lives, Delinquency Prevention as Crime-Control Policy.
Our “Members’ Notes” about new start-up efforts and successful programs.
Guest Editorials.
“Round-Up”: Important Developments In Key States from around the nation.
Research Studies & Cost-Benefit Analyses of Evidence-Based Programs.
State & Federal Legislative Developments.
…and much more.
Here’s a partial list of the benefits that you will receive as an AAEBP Member:
Assistance in Evaluating Programs.
Assistance in Interpreting Research Studies.
Access to FREE Assessment and Evaluation Tools.
Greater Influence with State & National Policy Makers.
Training & Technical Assistance.
Obtaining Guidance & Sharing the Experience of the nation’s largest pool
of Evidence-based Program Developers, Funders and Implementers.
Knowing that you—and your AAEBP colleagues— are making a positive
difference in the lives of thousands of youngsters who need a second chance!