Cayuga Home for Children
Auburn, NY
(315) 253-5383

Working to meet the changing needs of children and families. For over 150 years, Cayuga Home for Children has been serving children, families, and individuals in New York State. Originally founded in 1852, our services have steadily grown and expanded to include assisting not only children but their families, foster parents, and the developmentally disabled of all ages. Our current goal is to help people to grow and become independent, healthy, and productive citizens through quality counseling and residential and support services.

With an incredibly dedicated and enthusiastic staff, as well as a close partnership with those we serve, Cayuga Home for Children is committed to excellence. Our programs emphasize customer service, quality, and innovation.
The Children’s Village
Dobbs Ferry, NY
(914) 693-0600
Since 1851, the mission of The Children’s Village has been to work in partnership with families to help society’s most vulnerable children so that they become educationally proficient, economically productive, and socially responsible members of their communities.

CV serves New York’s most at-risk youth and their families.

Programs include a residential school for troubled boys, a runaway shelter, foster and adoptive homes, street outreach, family support programs and much more. The Village has a long history in designing, developing and replicating evidence based programming starting with WAY (Work appreciation for Youth) in1984. US Department of Labor sponsored replication of CV’s design in 1994. In 2000 CV started providing MutliSystemic Therapy (MST) to the NYS Office of Children and Family Services and subsequently became a MST Network Partner.

Community Solutions, Inc.
Windsor, CT
(860) 683-7100
Community Solutions, Inc. (CSI) is a private non-profit human service company founded in 1962 that promotes self-reliance, responsibility and accountability among at-risk and disadvantaged adults, adolescents and children referred from criminal justice, juvenile justice and child welfare agencies. Using evidence-based assessment instruments and treatment methods, CSI provides services that effectively meet each client’s unique needs. Through the efforts of its professionally-trained and highly committed staff, CSI has been working to provide positive solutions for our clients, their families, the referral agencies and the communities for over 45 years.

CSI has highly regarded community-based programs in Connecticut, Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland and Rhode Island, with services in four primary areas: Juvenile Justice, Child Welfare, Adult Residential and Intermediate Sanctions. CSI has grown and diversified in response to the needs of clients, referral sources and communities.
Evidence-Based Associates
Wilmington, NC
Evidence-Based Associates (EBA) represents a “family” of evidence-based practices that demonstrate positive results for violence prevention and treatment of at-risk children, adolescents and their families. EBA exists to help communities and policy makers select model violence prevention programs that reduce violence, drug use and cultivate positive citizenship within communities.
EBA focuses on disseminating information about, and encouraging the use of, research-tested and proven programs.

At EBA, we work closely with individuals, agencies and policy-makers to identify the most effective program by assessing the risk and protective factors in the community and/or school, while also determining the population most in need of our services. Our team of experts can provide information about evidence-based programs and lead communities in better program adoption decisions, and ultimately higher quality implementation.